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Brembo Cast Iron full floaters

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Does anyone have a pair of these laying around which you might want to get rid of? I have the normal stainless swiss cheese disks on my bike and allthough the work perfectly fine, I have the urge to upgrade. With my bike's single seat fitted, all the carbon goodies and the high pipes, these disks are the last link to get my bike to the exact Superlight/FE spec.

Even if someone know where to get these and what the going rate is...is would help a lot.

At first I was seriously considering getting me the Galfer wave disks and allthough I think they look very cool, my 900SS is maybe just a bit too old fasioned for such flashy disks.


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Johnny, If gorma900 doesn't take these PM me please. I have them on my SP and would love a set for my SS.
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