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Hello everyone, my name is Toni-Lynn, 24 years old. I just bought my first motorcycle, a 2012 Monster 696. I think calling myself a new rider might even be an understatement. Before I bought my Monster I took the BRC in Pennsylvania about 2 months ago. That was the first time I had rode a motorcycle. I logged about 20 hours in the course. So in total I've got about 25 hours of riding time under my belt.

I'm living in Boston now and the bike was just shipped to me last Wednesday. I hit 70 miles as of today and each one has been awesome! I was extremely overwhelmed at first but I am gaining confidence everyday. Shifting gave me the hardest time in the course and it has been easier with the Monster, but still a challenge.

What I'm getting at is I joined this site because a friend suggested it would be a good idea after moving to a new city. I want to get a better sense of the community and learn everything I can, because as of right now I honestly know so little. I want to get advice from anyone who is willing to share.

I'm excited to be apart of this community and thanks for reading!
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