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Hey all,
My brake light is constantly on.
I installed CRG levers 1 month ago and there was no problem then.
I removed the brake lever and the brake light is still on.
It is not the rear brake... but I suspect the Micro switch on the handle bar,
you know the little whitish rubber knobby that sticks out.

Anyone experience this as well? Is the switch screwed ( I have not removed it yet) I will disconnect the wiring there to see if it is it for sure but...
I am trying to be proactive here.

And if so what cost is a replacement (ball park)? And how long to get one?
Oh yeah I did a search but found nada

Any help is appreciated

2006 PS 1000LE
Same thing happened to me when I put on the Pazzos. Does the light shut off with the lever removed? If yes, then the lever is catching the switch. If no, take the swith off and clean it with some contact cleaner. If that doesn't work, the micro switch http://issuu.com/ducatiomaha/docs/smart1000le_usa_06_ed_01 $78.99 at Ducati Omaha.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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