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Howaye lads, just did a complete overhaul of the brake callipers on my 97 916. Apart from the calliper joining bolts being seazed it all went fine. After the rebuild I always do a leak check of the system by zip tying the brake lever over night. Next morning it all looked fine except for a slight weep from the union that screws into the top of the calliper. This is the threaded Union the brake hose screws onto I'm talking about.

I have removed the union and cleaned both services before fitting a new copper washer and trying again. Still leaking. I noticed that the Origional copper washer had a slightly smaller outer diameter than the standard new one I fitted. I wasn't sure if it made a difference so I lightly sanded the Origional and refitted it. The weep rate was much less but still leaking. There are no torque figures quoted for this Union in the manual and I'm wondering if I'm just being too conservative with the torque I'm using.

Any advice would be great, at this stage i suspect the calliper surface probably needs to be lightly sanded but before I go down that road I said I'll just see if it's a common fault. Labour of bloody love …!!


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