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I was noticing today that my ST2 was leaning over so far on the side stand.....that the front tire was almost lifting off if I gave it a nudge......took a closer look and noticed that the lower bolt on the sidestand was gone. I put the bike on the center stand and removed the side stand.....the remaining fastener was in good shape....although did have a few semicircular thread remnants on it when I removed it. Two new fasteners......cranked them down....and no indication of thread stripping...............did double check it on the side stand after replacing the missing bolt............stands much straighter,....but still makes that creaking sound I mentioned in my other post (I was hoping the missing side stand bolt was causing the creaking sound.....but it was not the culprit.

Do I need to clean out the engine case threaded area (carb cleaner spray?) for the side stand fasteners then use blue threadlock.

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