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My Advice

Try to avoid deciding between brands before trying them on.

It's crucial that YOU make sure the boots you select fit properly. You need to pay particular attention to the way the boot grips the ankle so that any twisting or bending action is limited. Remember that the way new boots feel walking around the store is not the same as they will feel on the bike. On the bike they don't have to support your full body weight constantly so keep this in mind when selecting size and style. If you plan to do a lot of walking around at your destination bring along your street shoes in your backpack, tank bag or saddlebags. Some boots can be quite comfortable for extended standing and walking around, but if they're not, cable lock your motorcycle boots to your bike.

The best approach is to buy basic black, unless you're comfortable wearing bright multi-colored boots with street clothes. You know (don't you?) you shouldn't wear jeans when riding, but you probably will anyway. Some designs with large shin plate protectors prevent them from being worn under a jeans pant leg.

Motorcycle riding boots are designed with a particular purpose in mind, and as a result, will look unusual to you. Also, they simply aren't as comfortable for walking around as boots designed for general street use or hiking. The trouble is, since you're used to selecting footwear that is designed for walking, riding boots with flimsier soles, slider plates, extended heels, padded shins and various attached armored plates look strange initially. So it's a dilemma to choose from different designs.

Riding gear is supposed to protect you from injury by sacrificing itself. In particular, motorcycle boots are designed for riding and crashing a motorcycle. That's the time when you'll wear them out. So, you don't need thick padding on the sole. You'll also want a stable platform when standing on the pegs so you'll need a boot with a stiffened sole instead of a flexible sole needed for easier walking. Further, you don't want the boot to get snagged on the bike or anything else, so you want zippers and Velcro fasteners instead of laces.

The bottom line here is ... pay a price equal to the value you place on being able to walk (normally and pain-free) for the rest of your life.

That said, I bought the Sidi Vertebra.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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