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Bonamici shifter lever

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Bonamici vs modified/machined Chinese vs OEM. This is the only shift arm that I could find that pushes the linkage mount back far enough to fit a quickshift strain sensor while allowing the lever to be in the low position that I like. I originally purchased the Chinese shifter a few years ago and had to imediatly modify it(the 2 pieces wouldn't tighten enough and allowed movement between the 2 pieces). Later I machined a piece to braze to the back of the lever to allow for the quickshifter sensor. I also machined out the bushing and pressed 2 ceramic ball bearing cartridge bearings in its place. It made for a ridged and smooth movement but instead of taking to time to clean and powder coat it I decided to try the Bonamici. The Bonamici uses a larger bearing pivot than the bearings I pressed into the old arm. I ordered it Sept 3rd, recieved it today. Every place that had them for sale was on back order(allegedly. But looking at the placed that sell them, none say "in stock"). We shall see how it all works out. Bonamici part number- cod. LCEH


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