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Blu808 Monster 800ss project

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Greetings Ducati.MS forums. I have been a long time lurker here but this is my first build thread. I currently have a 2010 Streetfighter 1098s but didn't want chop it up for a project. A few weeks ago on CL I found a 2002 M620 rolling frame. The item also included a 2005 800ss engine, running gear, electronics, wheels, and suspension.

I swapped everything into the Monster frame, wired it up, and she started right up! Let the project begin!

Originally the bike would not run, but after doing some digging, it turns out that the 620 gas tank has a built in regulator, and the 800ss has a fuel pressure regulator on the throttle body assembly. After removing the regulator from the gas tank, switching around some of the wiring, and fuel line routing, it fired right up!

Already ordered the following parts:

Billet mono rearsets to get rid of the passenger pegs
Smoked led brakelight with integrated blinkers
Carbon fiber rear side panels
New seat cover
billet gas cap
Vrod headlight
749 Adjustable forks
Speedymoto Billet triple clamp (upper 53mm)
New chain
Stainless lines
Black anodized clip ons
Used throttle tube assembly
Vortex rear sprocket 41t
14t front sprocket

Swapped out the skinny monster wheel for the 800ss wheel.
Had to swap over the wheel bearings, axle spacer tube, axle, and cush drive.

Interestingly the 800ss Brembo caliper and rotor worked with the 620 bracket.

Found some clip ons sitting around the shop. These are from an 05 Gsxr.
I like the look and feel of the clip ons, with such a small bike. I think I will be building this into a sporty cafe style bike.

Since I will be keeping the Clip ons, I will be sourcing some Showa or Ohlins forks from a 748, 916, or 998. Will also be using the proper triple trees.

Picked up some Carbon side panels.

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Decided to fab up a headlight bracket out of Aerofoil 4130 tubing. This is the stuff that we make wing mounts out of.

Here is the tubing being notched for the stand off.

Here are both lower stand off pieces. With the Aerofoil tubing.

Here is one of the lower mounts after tig welding. Nice and rainbow colored.

Then I made the middle standoff. This one is made from 1.75" 4130.

Tig welded

Here is one side of the bracket tacked together.

Also picked up a new set of rearsets. As you can see in the first pics that I posted, that the factory ones are HUGE. they have the exhaust mounts, and passenger peg mounts. These will get rid of all that, and give me the room that I need to fab the exhaust.

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Got the new calipers mocked up. Waiting on the new hardware.

Mocked up the Rearsets.

Mocked up the new carbon side panels.

Picked up a set of OEM monster side mufflers. These were brand new and only cost $50.

Also picked up a set of 999 Showa adjustable forks. I might be swapping these out for a set of 996 forks since they are TI NI coated.

41t sprocket

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Some bar end mirrors.

Mildly affordable chain.

And most importantly the baller Speedymoto billet triple clamp that is sized to 53mm.

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Nice work.

What brand rearsets are those? Dose the stock rear brake master bolt up without ant alterations? Did the rearsets come with mounting bolts or did you just use stock bolts? It doesn't look like they changed foot position much.

The rearsets are actually really nicely made and include the shifter and brake pedal. They are eccentric in adjustment for both the pegs and levers.

The stock master bolts right up but is now in a vertical position.

The bolts are all included.

Here's the link.

Ducabike Adjustable Rear Sets: Monster 600 / 620 / 695 / 750 / 800 / 900 / 1000 / S4
Thanks. Good luck with the rest of the build.
That... is flippin sweet
Lookin good! Can't wait to see more.

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Thanks guys. It's great to have some feedback from you. This is my first Monster build. I'm used to building cars all the time, but this is def fun!

I decided to finally start working on the tail section of the bike today.

Since I wasn't really a fan of the O-shit passenger handles. I decided to chop them.

Looks much cleaner with the new seat and carbon side panels.
It will all be sanded smooth before the frame gets powder coated.

Then I fabbed up a bracket to mount the new exhaust cans.
I decided on a stock set of newer monster cans. Since this bike will be my hwy9 beater I want it quiet so certain people cant hear me coming.

Looks pretty cool. What do you guys think of the cans being mounted up high and following the lines of the side panels?

Still deciding if I want to continue with this look, or if I should do a cafe style tail.
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Looks great, I like the cans on the side with the stock seat.

That 800 engine is a sweetheart! No comparison to a 620.

Thanks! I am still on the fence. I have had ideas of putting a solo 1098 tail on it, or a cafe style tail.

What do you think?

The engine should be fun. No comparison to my 1098s SF but still a great canyon machine.
Hard to find a seat that complements the strange shape of a firstgen Monster tank.

This is a nice one:

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I agree.

Any idea who makes it?
It's a custom one-off from Luismoto.com...

Monster Nasty Donkey by Luis Moto - Paperblog

I just go to Google.Images and type in something like "ducati monster cafe".

You'll get a lot of inspiration from the pics that pop up.

Thanks Duke!

I decided to return the 999 forks that I hadn't installed, and ordered a set of 996 adjustable Showa forks. These feature a titanium nitride coating and I love the way they look!

They look even more badass mated to the SpeedyMoto.com Billet 53mm upper triple clamp!

MmmmmMmmmm. Look at all that delicious adjustability.

Really matches the brake calipers.

I used an old soda can to make the shims for the lower triple clamp :)

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I also finally received my new rear master cylinder and push rod.

And fabbed up a sweet little intake system. Each runner is EXACTLY the same length.

Cute little K&N filters.

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