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Good luck getting the police to take paint samples. I've investigated many (100+) hit & run accidents and I've never taken a paint sample.

The best you can hope for is to document with pictures all the damage on your bike and corresponding damage to the offending SUV. Usually if I have a suspect in mind, I'll give them the line that they probably didn't mean to hit the bike and didn't see the damage, so now is the time to exchange info to avoid a hit & run charge. It usually works, but sometimes not.

If you take pictures, use a tape measure and show how high up the damage is and use a reference item to show scale, such as a quarter or other common item.

I would suggest taking pictures with actual 35mm film instead of digital pictures because we've been seeing court issues with the admissiblity of digital pictures due to the ease of altering them. Good 'ole 35mm negatives make great evidence if it comes down to it.
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