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Bloody neighbors.

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So 3 days ago. A neighbor backed into my Duc and tipped it over in my apartment parking garage. They didn't bother to leave a note. They however, did try to pick it back up, using the right mirror (it fell on its left side) sadly that broke the right mirror. The best part is, I got paint transference on my rear fender and its off their SUV rear spare tire. HA! Tonight, i'll see if the police will come out to take samples or something. I dont get off work until 10pm.

Any suggestions on this? I've filed a police report, talked to my insurance and notified my landlords. All of which basically say its in my hands to get their insurance info and them to admit guilt. Need help on this one.
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epx666 said:
Thanks for the tip. I'll do that, I happen to have a 35mm disposable I can use. I think in the end, nothing will come of this. But, it won't be from a lack of my trying. I bugged my landlords again today to contact them on my behalf. If this doesnt work, next step is to sit in the parking lot and wait for them to come home. I know they didn't mean to and it is just an accident. But, they need to take responsibility of that accident and have their insurance pay for my damages.
Something similar happened to me once. Ten years or so ago I came out of class one day to find my BMW airhead on its left side. This was in a "bike only" parking area and there was a big chunk of red paint on the right cylinder head. I surmised that someone had dropped their red bike onto the right side of my bike and, domino like, knocked it over to the left. Of course, no note. So I took some pictures of my bike and reported it to the campus cops. As this was student/faculty parking I then commenced my "stakeout", scanning the parking area daily, hoping the offender would be stupid enough to park there again. Sure enough, about a week later a red Gpz550 is there and, what do you know, it has a dent in the left side of its tank. A dent that is exactly the same size as BMW cylinder head. I called the campus cops, they came over, checked out the situation, looked up the guys plate, and headed to his house. Man, I wish I could have gone along because an hour later I got a call from the officer giving me the guys name and saying he had admitted to knocking over the bike.

I was pretty psyched about this, but it gets better. I next called my insurance company to update them on the latest news and give them the name of the offender. The agent asks me to hold on, then comes back on to tell me that the guy was also a customer of his. In fact, Mr GpZ rider had called to make a claim on his damage, saying the wind had blown his bike over. I have no idea what happened after that to that guy, I just hope it involved years of pain.

So, take pictures like danielspdx suggested and then let the police deal with the situation. The driver of the SUV will probably act much more reasonably with a police officer than with you.

Good luck,
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