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First off I can tell you that on the STD Hyper, adding EBC pads, good fluid AND a Brembo RCS19 master makes for 1 finger braking goodness! I can't believe how smooth and linear the braking is now and you can even feel the pads warm up when trail braking for a decent distance and feel it all in the lever! The RCS19 is also a direct swap over, the stock brake light switch just clips onto the master and the banjo will fit with a bit of a wiggle.


HOW THE FU(K do you get pressure in the rear brake!! I bled it out by pumping fluid through and just kept topping up the res until the fluid coming out was clean and green (green fluid), after pumping and pumping I can't get any pressure back in the system, I've tried the caliper off hold it up and bleed air out the nipple, I've tried cracking the banjo to let air out the master, I've tried totally emptying and pushing fluid up via the caliper to fill the res up (this worked the best) but still can't pressure in the lever. Its working just but will only grab righ at the bottom of lever travel.
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