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A few of the sport classic guys recommended I check out SSR (slingshot racing) for a billet fuel cap for my s2r. They're one of the lowest price points I found for the quick release style cap I was looking for, so here's the install.

the factory cap w/ bolts removed.
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Side by side comparison of the oem cap and ssr base. Quite different in comparison, though I like the simplicity of the billet ssr. Notice there is a vent cut into the ssr base to cover the vent hole in the fuel tank. Time will tell if the vent they engineered actually works.
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With the oem unit removed I realize the ssr base essentially sets atop the tank nozzle and is compressed onto it as it is tightened down. There are no spacers/risers cut into the ssr base to straddle the nozzle as the oem unit does. Good/bad design? I don't know.
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Well I elected to add nylon spacers to the install holes to mimic the way the oem is fastened to the tank. SSR did supply a rubber washer to help alleviate leakage. As long as the ssr base compresses the washer, leakage out of the nozzle shouldn't be an issue.
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Ssr base fastened down.
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Here's the finished product.
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I'll have to say, for the money, this is a nicely engineered and finished billet part. Install was about an hour for the anal retentive.

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