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Big bore kit going in my 620!

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My baby is getting implants! I told her she was sexy as hell already, but she said they would make her even sexier, so I said okay.

Yes, my bike talks to me. Doesnt yours talk to you?

I figured being trapped in MN by the winter(amongst other things) would be a good time to do some upgrades. Lightweight flywheel, billet timing rollers, new pegs and levers, rims, sprockets, chain, and the "Gold" series brakes, and as soon as the Staintunes are ready for the 620, exhaust.

Mmmmm, Ramen noodles for dinner till the 1st of the month, lol.

I'll post prices for parts and labor, plus before and after dyno results, once the Staintunes are on. At which time I will have a new, unused Termi slip-on for sale.
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Looking forward to seeing the results. Too bad the Termi isn't for a 1000DS, I might be interested.
re your MS620 mods

i think you will notice a reasonable difference in engine responsiveness with the lighter flywheel and billet timing gears (I fitted them to my S2R800) however the most noticeable difference I found was fitting a Powercommander III to the S2R. Yes I know yours is an MTS 620 and I'm not sure if they make one for a 620 but the ability to map and tweak your fuel injection on a dyno makes a big difference. My S2R800 had a claimed 77hp at the crank in standard form. It made 79hp at the rear wheel (dynoed) after the above mods (ducati in australia claim that at the crank for the sport classic) and I still obtained 50mpg+ up to 120km/hr. Above that it would chew more juice. It pulled like a train from 4000rpm and especially from 7000rpm compared to standard form. Hope your modifications go well.

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