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Some months ago I installed heavy headlight wiring with relays and a xenon high beam unit from DDM Tuning -


This worked out very well, and I decided to install a bi-xenon on the other side so that I'd both get a bright low beam and a workable high beam flasher. I used the same Morimoto H1 that Chutrain used, since it fits really nicely -


I don't have the headlight mounted in the bike yet, but the modification is complete and it was pretty easy so I thought I'd post a few pictures in case anyone else is thinking of trying this. I'd say the bi-xenon mod took about 2-1/2 hours, and you have to be able to fabricate one metal adapter plate. This plate (it's black in the attached photos) bolts to the Morimoto H1 projector, with each of the 4 bolts shimmed with 2 washers. Then my plate bolts to the OEM plate (matte silver in the attached photos), again with a few washers on each bolt so things line up nicely. I'm putting up front and back photos of the OEM and custom plates, and 5 photos of the assembly of the unit.

The shutter trigger on the bi-xenon wires to the high beam wires. That way, if I turn on the high beams or flash them, the high beam xenon bulb turns on and the high beam shutter on the bi-xenon moves out of the light's path.

The Morimoto H1 projector and ballast came from The Retrofit Source:

Bi-xenon: Morimoto Mini H1 5.0 - HID Projectors from The Retrofit Source Inc

This is the same projector Chutrain used - the site sells them in pairs for cars, but if you call you can buy a single projector and ballast. They offer a motorcycle kit, but the projector in the kit is slightly smaller in diameter than the H1 projector, and the H1 fits the early ST headlight extremely well.


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Good detail, thanks.
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