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Best Tail Rack for Enduro?

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I am trying to find a luggage rack for 2016 Enduro 1200 that will not block the side panniers from opening without removing the lids completely.

I liked the SW-Mototech but they block the pannier lids from swinging open. Does the Ducati (Touratech) top case rack mount to be used as just a luggage rack without the top case?

Any other ideas?


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Here's what my rack from Dynamic Motorcycle Accessories looks like. I installed a Givi top case which popped right on; nice and snug. No need for a mounting plate. Of course the top case precludes the use of the backrest.
Thanks for the pictures. Looks like you have the long version (~12"). I was really torn between long and short (~10") since all I'll be using it for is backrest and strapping a Wolfman medium-sized duffle or Wolfman tailbag to it. Was worried that the 10" would be maybe 1" too short.

Have you ever seen the short version in person? The long would of course be long enough for any soft bag, I am little worried about it looking weird if it sticks-out way behind the bike...but I am nit-picking I'm sure. I ordered the long version, so we'll see soon enough.
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