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Best Service Shop In LA Area?

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Hey guys, just moved back down to the nicer part of California ;) and I find myself in need of a good Ducati service shop. I need my belts and just about all of my fluids changed. Anyone have any experience they'd like to share or know any small time, local places? Thanks
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Check out Pro Italia in Glendale.

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Will do, thanks. Anyone have experience with Del Amo motorsports? Was considering them as an option as well.
Red - your best bet is to head up to Newcomb's on Angeles Crest on any weekend and you'll find plenty of older Ducs whose owners will provide contacts for servicing alternatives to dealers. I collected a wallet full but sadly tossed them all away when I chopped in my used Duc for a new warranteed bike.

I'd still say authorized dealer servicing (for major work at least) is the safest route - even off warranty, but those sky-high hourly rates can be killers unless the work is straightforward. Privateers (good ones) can be cost-effective if time and attention are needed to solve a problem.
If you're in the northern part of LA check out Motorcycle Service Centers in Camarillo. Will Kenefick does a great job on Ducatis and is a great guy too.

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You're in Venice you want to go to West Coast GP Cycles on Pico.

They service tons of Ducatis, and all kinds of bikes in general.

Small business run by awesome extremely knowledgeable guys.
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