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best ducati thread on the internet

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point your browser to:

and be prepared to spend a lot of time reading about the cool trip that liam shubert has undertaken in his quest to become a motogp mechanic in europe.

liam sold all his worldly goods, and moved from sunnyvale, ca. to barcelona spain, and has kept this thread going (there are now over 1,263 postings/replies, and over 146,945 views on this thread).

loads of fantastic motogp track and pit photos, awesome photos of all the top motogp pilots standing with liam @ parties and events ... lots of inside stories on what really goes on in motogp ... and just a great read on a trip of a lifetime.

if you have questions for any of the pilots, just post them, and liam will do his best to get the answers for you directly from the pilots.

if you can't make it over to attend a motogp in person, this thread offers you a pretty decent alternative.

why did i title this "best ducati thread on the internet"? well, liam has been trying his hand at being a wrench for a few motogp and WSBK teams this season ... one of which is a very well know ducati team. read the thread to find out which one, if you can guess

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thanks JohnC,

Its 1:55am and I have to get up at 7:00am, I couldn't stop reading the thread. Almost to the end. Thanks!
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