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John said:
I would appreciate some leads on this. I'm interested in picking up 4 or 5, possibly more of my favorite diecast Ducati replicas for my office. I see some stuff on Ebay, but with unknown quality. I would like high quality diecast and I'm willing to pay extra for it. I'm sure you folks can offer some ideas here.
In my office I have diecasts of many bikes I have had [F4i, R1, 998, 900 SS SP, Vespas, to name a few]. You are wise to want to get some for your office. It's relaxing and therapeutic to be able to see your bikes while working like a dog.

Personally, I prefer the larger diecasts as I enjoy seeing the bike detail "from the distance" in my office [I have them all sitting on top of an amoire, so when I am sitting at the desk I can look up and across the room at the bikes]. I have some 1:12 scale, others 1:6.

My 998 is 1:6 scale, which is a BIG model. But it looks striking in the office.

I am NOT a model collector, so I have never put a lot of money into the diecasts. I find that the New Ray diecasts look fine enough for me, for my purposes anyway. I duly note that such won't ever be valuable or collectors items, but like I said, I want them just to enjoy from the distance, so detail is not all that important. My 998 looks awesome on display in the office. People always notice it and comment.




Minichamps are nice too, by the way.


1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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