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Belts and Valves!

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Hi guys. New (2005) ST3 owner here, haven't even registered her yet... I've got a 750 SS too, but she's relatively new also... after 25 bikes, I finally tried Ducati and I'm hooked.

So, besides introducing myself to the group, I'm searching for a mentor.

For me to live with my Ducati's I need to be able to maintain them. I've done my own rudimentary maintenance on all of my bikes, but now I need to replace the belts and inspect the valve clearances on something a little more complicated (maybe). So, here's what I'm looking for. Is there anyone out there in the Baltimore area that would be willing to teach me to do this maintenance? I would pay, or return the favor in kind, or come to some agreement of some sort... I just don't want to fumble around figuring out how to do this correctly when I know there are lots of folks out there who can guide me to doing it correctly the first time.

So, do you guys do Tech Days? Something else? Any takers?

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... after 25 bikes, I finally tried Ducati and I'm hooked...

Welcome. I also have a 2005 ST3, and like you, became "hooked." This site is a wonderful resource; lots of very knowledgeable people re Ducatis and motorbikes in general. Use the search feature first and if you're stumped then ask your question. I suggest you also get hooked up with the Desmo Times bulletin boarsd, and buy one of L.T. Snyder's excellent service manuals for Ducati 2 and three valves that covers maintenance issue like belts and shims etc. Yahoo's Ducati ST Owner's Group is another great resource. A factory service manual can't hurt either. :)
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