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I know there are many posts about this but...

1299 water pumps seep coolant. I've read that even the new replacement pumps will seep not long after replacement. Has Ducati come out with an updated water pump for the 1299's, or is it the same part since 2015?

Mine will seep after a long ride on a hot day, when turned off and leaned on its kick stand. It won't seep while riding (not yet at least), even when leaned over hard in the turns. When on the next straight I've looked down and its dry with no signs of coolant.

There are 2 very different trains of thought on this. Weep holes should NEVER leak and weep holes may seep to avoid excess pressure blowing out the seal. I can see merit in both, and I know on some cars the water pumps never seep unless they are failed/failing. I'm not keen on the water pump blowing out, but I don't want to replace my water pump if the brand new one is going to do the same in a short time. If they are going to seep, so be it. If Ducati came up with a different design that doesn't seep, I'll happily replace mine.
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