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Beast & Beast-R Dimensions

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I know I've seen this posted somewhere, but all of my searches are turning up zero results. I'm looking at the option of installing the Beast or Beast-R kit in a Monster 1100S and need the dimensions of the two kits. I'm going to have to fab brackets for the coils as well as the ECU, but it looks like there should be enough room. Also, does anyone know the diameter of the stock elbow joint between the airbox and throttle bodies (where the Beast kit attaches)? Thanks for the help.
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Hi Jason, are you planning on selling these brackets? I was planning on fabbing something up, but I might be interested in a set.

Not sure where it's going to end up. The Monster 696 & 1100 use a Siemens ECU and they still retain a closed loop (two O2 Sensors) portion of the fuel map even with the slip on & full Termi systems. The bracket I fab for my bike will also include a junction box for a plug and play harness to piggy back the ECU. O2 Manipulators will not work on the new ECUs, but I have been successfully running a modified PCIII with custom O2 Eliminators for the last couple of hundred miles. I'm using the PCIII as the test device to work around the various fault codes that can come up when using an external fueling device with the new ECUs. So far the results have been very good. If all goes well, I'm pulling the PCIII and testing a new product on the bike. I should have more to share very soon.
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