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Nice little place to shop Rev'it in Marina del Rey. Dennis is a genuine bike guy. I spent more time shooting sh!t with him about bikes than anything else.


I purchased the new Jerez gloves and the quality is top notch. Its workmanship is on par with my Dainese Full Metal and leaps and bounds beyond my A* GP Pro. The feel is right in between - more heavy duty/protections than the Full Metal and less "bulky" than the GP Pro. We'll see how they fan out this weekend.

I also got the Scorpio thermal suit 'cause my fat ass ripped the Dainese one in the crutch area, AGAIN, at BW a couple of weeks ago, I figured I'd try something else. It's got YKK zippers, so it appears to be high quality. Again, good test this weekend in the hot California desert weather.
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