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Battery light question

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Dumb question. I've been fooling around with my instrument lights to see why my fuel level light is always on. When I put everything back together I noticed that the battery charging light (lower right hand light in instrument cluster) isn't coming on when the motor is running. I can't remember if it's supposed to or not. The voltmeter reads around 13.5 V at the battery (Shorai) at 3,000 rpms. I thought it should be higher. I'm confused by the light. Should it be on? The bulb is good. Thanks for any help.
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No that light only comes on if the battery is discharging. It does come on if the idle is a bit low on occasion.

13.5 volts sounds about right for the Duc alternator. That is what I get on the voltmeter on my Hyper. It sounded low to me as well, but the general consensus on the Hypermotard board is that is normal for a Duc.
My haynes manual says 13.5-15.5. I think 13.5 is right when your battery is well charged, and uncharged it will suck in a lot of juice from the alternator.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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