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Anyone know of a battery kill switch for monsters? Since the battery is under the tank, it will require placing it somewhere reachable whenever you jump on and off bike.

I'm looking at this because my 2000 m900 is slowly draining batteries dead over about 5 weeks and need to try disconnecting it when not in use.
thanks in advance.

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This link will take you to a wiring diagram I "coloured in" for my 900SSie

The M900 and 900SS ECUs are pretty much the same when it comes to ECUs and wiring.

Assuming you do not have an alarm that is draining the battery, then the only thing that draws current when the bike is off is the ECU.

On the diagram for my SS, this is via the bottom fuse and red/black wire.

If your fuse box is easy to access, then just pull the fuse shown as ECU when you know it will be parked up for a while.

If it is not easy to access, then you will need to cut the wire from or to that fuse and wire in the switch in some other suitable location.
Alternative remove the fuse and then wire in a switch and fuse across where the fuse should be.
I recall the fuse rating is 5 Amps, so the switch must be rated for 5 Amps DC (not AC), so don't wire in some poxy little switch.
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