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No joke, this cave was on my best bud's hunting lease when we were in our teens and twenties. It was a locals only secret!


Late afternoons, we would cart an ice cooler full of beer to the lip of the sinkhole where the cavern daylights and commence to drankin and wait til dusk. It started with a trickle of them, but before dark it was like a reverse tornado of critters that would emerge continuously for a couple of hours, darkening the sky FFS. They'd fly so close to my face I'd feel the wind off their wings. But they never touched me. Super cool, and I came to really appreciate the lil guys.

Little did we know they'd call it the largest [known] bat cave in the world some years later, and the government and environmentalists worked together [yes, in Texas.. you read that right] to save it. I was really relieved, because developers were closing in on it and would have bulldozed and dynamited a primordial phenomenon - that also eats a bazillion mosquitos each night, just to build their shitty subdivisions.

It should also be a historic landmark, not just natural treasure, since the Confederate Army popped a well of sorts at what must be the center of a huge cavern below so they could draw up buckets of guano to make gunpowder. the old facilities were still there. Dudes would go down in the cave and shovel the shit into the buckets - think you have a rough job? The smell at the entrance to the cave would kill you standing. We tried once to go in. It was good beer. But not that good.

Protect the beasties.
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