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all the discs use the same 6 bolt mounting pattern.

the s2r800 discs are 300mm, have zero offset and use the sliding 2 piston calipers. i think the 2005> 620 used these also. the caliper mounting on the forks is the same for these sliding calipers and the 4 piston caliper the 02 620 has. the 620 will have 320mm discs with 10mm or so offset.

get another 320mm disc and caliper with 65mm mounting holes and it will go straight on. no need to buy all new unless you really want to. get a 15 or 16mm master cylinder.

you could put a linear tps on the 620 throttle bodies as long as you baselined the throttle opening of "whatever 800 is" degrees above closed for the lh throttle blade. easier than replacing them unless you get the 800 throttle bodies as well. same basic part, just different base setting.
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