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Bar end turn signal and mirror setups

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Any recommendations on bar end turn signal and mirror setups? Pics if you have them too! thanks
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OBERON "Bar End" Turn Signals w/ CRG Mirrors

The bar ends fire front and rear and are very visible.

I use this in conjunction with the integrated turn signals in the tail light ( which is not very visible by itself but really shows up well when used with the bar end turn signals).

We use the small blindsight CRG mirrors on most of our project bikes because of the high quality glass that is slightly curved. The small size is less noticeable but I can still pick out cops and friends in the rear view mirror.

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I use the same set up as Moto. Some comments:

1. after two years and over 20k/km, the expanding nut that holds them onto the inner wall of the handlebars has not come loose - this alone is amazing because if they do come loose, it would be a PITA to fix them;

2. the visibility is wonderful and the mirrors don't shake;

3. you have to drill a hole in the handlebar to allow the wires to exit - I drilled mine beween the centre bar clamps.

All-in-all, I highly recommend this setup.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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