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What kind of bags do you use on your SS?

  • Tank bag

    Votes: 9 36.0%
  • Rearset bag

    Votes: 3 12.0%
  • Saddle bags

    Votes: 1 4.0%
  • Some combination of the above

    Votes: 6 24.0%
  • If it doesn't fit underneath the seat, I don't need it!!!

    Votes: 6 24.0%


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Hello all.

I've looked around and I haven't been able to find any threads about bags (tank, saddle, or rearset) anywhere. So I figured it would be useful/interesting to see what bags people use on their SS.

Since it's my bright idea, I'll go ahead.

I'm currently using a 22 liter RKA luggage rearset bag on my '05.
The bag itself is really good quality, and resists rain really well even without the cover. It uses four rubber coated hooks that attach to the lip underneath the seat. Stays on tight even when packed completely full and leaned over. The problem with this one is that it's a bit long for my bike (I bought it when I had my previous bike) so you have the option of having it bump ya in the butt or have it crammed against the passenger grab bar. (The latter makes me worry that I'll start rubbing paint off the bar).

Anyone else?
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I did a 5000 km trip n my 01 SS. I used a large tank bag plus soft "sports bike" panniers. the all worked a treat. I'll try to find the photo to post. All made by Dri Rider.


Another great soft bag system to look into is Ventura. Nothing touches bodywork. I use the RKA stuff on my '95 supersport. I have the Ventura stuff for my Honda. The RKA rearseat bag and tankbag are excellent, but if you need to pack a lot of gear, look into Ventura.
Normally I use my Kaw when touring but when my buddies and I hit the twisties for an extended weekend I have Nelson Rigg pro tailpack bag and I'll add the deluxe sport saddlebags if we go for a week.
I have the ventura too. Like it a lot, will try to post picture later.
I've got a Chase-Harper magnetic tank bag and their tail bag plus TourMaster panniers, all w/waterproof covers. They've all done a fine job on day trips to 3 & 4 day rides. Waterproof covers on the panniers tend to blow around a bit but I've never lost them.
hey, I'm open to tail bags too -- what do people use on the ss? My tank bag is terrific (an urban tank bag --) but can't hold a lot. On a 3-dayer I'd like more room.

I too am a Ventura user...but on my Monster!.....love it love it love it!!!....stable as all hell..and I have used it with 2 of the 45 liter bags on it zipped back to back and they were fully loded with about a 110 lbs of gear and crap and it was stable as all hell...went NOWHERE!
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oh and when the big hoop is not on and you want to be able to hook smaller stuff to it or run without a bag on it....you can install the sport rack for attching stuff with a bungee net like this....

or the grab handle for a passenger or as a general retainer like this...
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Wow, that Ventura stuff looks pretty slick. Did you have to drill/cut anything to fit the L-brackets onto an SS? I think that might be a first step for me before I go for the saddle bags.

I'm glad to see that other people are using SS's for some longer weekends. My dealer hinted at the fact that I should have gotten an ST! :)
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