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Bad Times Again!!

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Sorry, venting...just went in Good Times (actually don't know why...ahhh yes, I love the Xerox bike, that's why!!) Anyways, my wrench is still on from my 6,000 mile service (it wasn't on yet when I had it done) so thought I'd ask about getting it turned off...THAT'S IT, nothing else. $45 and I need to make an appointment or leave it til they can get to it. Granted if I were a regular customer it may have been a different story but I still thought that was a bit much. Munroe Motors..."Sure, drop in and we'll turn it off right quick...takes me about 10 minutes"
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I was just in there thursday looking at a Husky SM bike. Kind of irritated me when the salesman opened his mouth and said we can't move on that price ($700 markup over msrp), I wasn't seriously loooking, but never planned on buying from them anyway:)
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