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Back protectors

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Can anyone recommend a back protector for me. I have an upcoming STT day at Mid-Ohio coming up and I need to get one.


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Here a couple of links from the archives:



Being the great procastinator I haven't ordered a new one after months of indecision. I'm still using my beat looking 7 year old Teknic. I'm thinking the T Pro Forcefield Back Protector, Spidi Back Warrior or Airback.
I recommend the Dainese, Alpinestar GP Pro, or Bohn. All equaly great , i felt the Bohn was the most confortable but took to long to get here, i ended up buying the Alpinestar but the switched to Dainese for better comfort.


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Spidi Air Back. I didn't see it on the links above, but it's comfortable and offers good protection.

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T Pro Forcefield Back Protector was rated #1 in the european tests. Dainese has some new back protectors that breathe very well.
Alpinestars GP pro. It comfy and has a great price.
I have owned several brands - the TPro Forcefield is truly certified as being CE Level II compliant. My only complaint is that the shape narrows at the top and it takes a while to get used to how it rubs near the shoulder blades sometimes.

Johnson Leathers in SF is the US distributor - nice people too.
What do you guys think about this thing? I'm hoping it will work well underneath a good mesh jacket.


I know it's not brand name, but it says it's CE approved, which is my personal standard. All opinions welcome.

Thanks in Advance
Try looking here


Quite a lengthy post but has good info on back protectors.
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