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'93' 900SS, '96' & '97' 748, '03' 999
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Been away a while. The 900SS was in the process of injection surgery when I got an oil light so it was stuck in the corner-of-shame while I built up a Soviet Sidecar and fixed up an old Harley Sportster. The 748 has been thrashed around the Isle of Man a couple of times as well as been used for daily transport to a shit job. Times have been a little tough after I got laid off in the oil industry down turn. Seems once you are over 55 nobody wants to look at your CV anymore. Anyhow, I have an OK part time job that now allows me more time on the road or in the garage. The oil pressure sensor appears to have been the culprit on the SS and I'm also almost finished some brain surgery. It now has an A8 ECU instead of an A0. I've also fitted Monster throttle bodies. These have brown pico type injectors instead of the old style green ones. They give better atomisations. The A8 ECU allegedly has more refined guts that make the bike a bit more civilized. That is the main aim of the mods - a sweeter bike round town. If that doesn't work I built hypermotard DS1000 guts into 999 copa bosa cases a couple of years ago. That should fix it. It's been fun playing with the other bikes but I miss the SS. So I'm back.
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