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Back in the Termi's again

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Ladies and Gents
I have now sourced Termi exhaust for our beloved bikes. Brand new for all four types: 2006 2-1 2-2 2007 and up Gt and sport.
ECU and Air Box lid is not included but that can be remedied with other after Market sources.
Email me for info. [email protected]
We have a exclusive on these
I am taking orders now
Lead time is the usual Italian time 3-4 weeks

how much it will cost ?
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Not to be dense but at this point is it that only the racing pipes are available for the GT1000? I have a 2010 I'm looking for a pair for.

And could you advise what the differences are between the airbox filter and ECU that usually come with the Termi kit and the counterparts you are offering in their place?
Talked to a dealer here in NY and apparently it's a question of passing emissions, which isn't an issue in NY like it is in CA.

JPak, let me know if you start offering the "kit" again.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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