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Back in the Termi's again

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Ladies and Gents
I have now sourced Termi exhaust for our beloved bikes. Brand new for all four types: 2006 2-1 2-2 2007 and up Gt and sport.
ECU and Air Box lid is not included but that can be remedied with other after Market sources.
Email me for info. [email protected]
We have a exclusive on these
I am taking orders now
Lead time is the usual Italian time 3-4 weeks

how much it will cost ?
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I have been told that they can get us theHomologated version of the exhaust.
As for the race version goes
I know that Italian TUV is rather strict so if the exhaust has the race only on the band I'm sure the Police would have fun with you
but I heard plenty of loud bikes when I was in Italy last week, so there must be some guys getting away with it ;)

Hello JC, are only for track or even approved for road use (CO2 emissions and noise)?
well stated
Racing or Homologated they sound real nice

Highly recommended. They are the nicest sounding pipes I have come across and give the SC it's "soul"!
Here is the complete list of what is now available for our SC's

2-1 / silver / Paul Smart/2006 / $2099 Shipped (USA)

Pair / silencers / black / over/under R-hs / Black with Silver Caps $1499 Shipped (USA)

Pair / silencers / rhs/lhs / homologated (Street Legal) / black / silver end caps / Sport 1000 $1999 Shipped (USA)

Pair / silencers / R-hs/L-hs / Racing / black / silver end caps / Sport 1000 $1749 Shipped

Pair / silencers / R-hs/ L-hs / Racing / all silver / GT1000 $1825 Shipped
Homologated (Street Legal) for the GT1000 is not available at this time

These do not come with the ECU or the Air Filter Top
We do offer special package pricing of Exhaust system with MWR drop in filter and ECU Flash of your existing ECU to the Termi MAP. Send in your ECU or swap it out with one of ours.
Our ECU flash only is $275
Drop in MWR is $104

Prices are subject to change.
Lead time is 4-5 weeks

Please email or Call me for orders
[email protected] or 626 794 6439

We have a big order going in this week

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At this time I am told that they are not making the Homologated version
I do not think they ever had one in the past....I may be wrong
I really think the one that was available in the USA was the one we are offering

Any idea on when/if Homologated Termis could be available for the GTs? Would begging/bribery make a difference? =)
I know, That is what I thought as well.
but this seems to be all they are offering at this time for the GT

I had thought that the GT Termi kit had optional removable db killers making them street legal. Though I could easily be wrong, which happens a lot. =) I'm a late comer to the Sport Classic line so I can't say for certain what was available at the time the bikes were being supported (accessory wise) by Ducati.
I can offer for a limited time a KIT price

This would consist of
Exhaust system
MWR Drop in Filter
ECU FLASH (You would need to send in your ECU)
I may offer a core exchange program but it probably is better to send yours in.

2007 and up 2-2 r/l sweeps
$2265 for the Homologated exhaust with Flash/MWR
$2025 For the Race exhaust with Flash/MWR

$2199 2-1 full system

$1799 2-2 stacked right side slipons

This offer is good til Dec 31
Prices will adjust according to FX

All prices subject to change a bit
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Final order for the Termi's are going in Tuesday the January 15th 2013
So deadline to get a order in is Sunday night

prices have gone up a little due to Dollar Euro
The Dollar is down down down. :confused:

here is the up to date prices
For those that have a prepaid orders the price was locked in so no need to fork over any more.

2-1 / silver / Paul Smart/2006 / $2150 Shipped (USA)

Pair / silencers / black / over/under R-hs / Black with Silver Caps $1625 Shipped (USA)

Pair / silencers / rhs/lhs / homologated (Street Legal) / black / silver end caps / Sport 1000 1000s BiP
$2099 Shipped (USA)

Pair / silencers / R-hs/L-hs / Racing / black / silver end caps / Sport 1000 $1999 Shipped
Same for GT race version in Silver

If the Dollar goes back up then the prices will go back down

The next Termi' order will be in 2 weeks
if you would like to preorder for this batch please email
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The GT version has the DB killer sin them
They jsut do noty have the Catalytic and as much packing as the Homologated version.
I can ask if they will make a Homologated version but most GT termi's that were sold back in the day were the race type with the db killers

As for the ECU
It is a simple Flashing and laying in the Termi DP map
Cost range from $175 to $325 depending where you get it done.
We do offer this service for $275+S&H

As for air box lid
I like the MWR drop in filter for $104. This is the easiest option that gives better perfomance then what Ducati had for the Termi system
You can opt for the Pipercross, BMC, or K&N and it will give you the desired effect.

With this combo you would then probably want a Duc tech to tune it in for you.

Not to be dense but at this point is it that only the racing pipes are available for the GT1000? I have a 2010 I'm looking for a pair for.

And could you advise what the differences are between the airbox filter and ECU that usually come with the Termi kit and the counterparts you are offering in their place?
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I am taking Termi orders

These are available separately
The ECU FLASH is $275
The Filter is MWR for $104 but I think the prices are going up on these soon.

Many Manufacturers are upping the price recently
Sign of the times I guess

Talked to a dealer here in NY and apparently it's a question of passing emissions, which isn't an issue in NY like it is in CA.

JPak, let me know if you start offering the "kit" again.
yes that is a very good choice but may be more then you need for street use.
The Flat top is awfully noisy
I have this on my PS now but will eventually change to the drop in MWR or the pipercross drop in Filter.

What about the MWR HE flat top? Is this better? I'm thinking of doing v stacks, just don't know the best kit besides wasp

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