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Average "life" of parts

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I have a 01 900SS ie FF, almost 40 000 km or 25 000 miles, owned from new.

The last sevice tech didn't believe I am on the original clutch and brake pads. I just checked the basket over the weekend and I can see a little wear from the rocking motion in it. They (techs) said it didn't sound bad enough to worry about. Brake pads still have about 1/8" of dust slots still in them, every 10 000 km I take them out and rotate them in the calipers. (never metal side to rotor although the friction material would last longer).

How long do you guys expect or get out of your clutch and brake pads?

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I don't have an SS, but on my Multi I replaced the clutch plates and the clutch basket at 47500km. And the plates were good for another 2000km maybe but the basket was badly hurt. Note that 3-4000km from those were spent on track.

As for the pads, I got 27500km from the front ones but with track use, the same pads didn't last more than 17000km.


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I have a 1999 900SS ie with just shy of 30,000 miles I have been through a couple sets of brake pads, 12-15 sets of tires and am still running the stock clutch with no issues at all (extra "Music" aside!)

My 1999 750 SS ie (wet clutch) went to 30,000 miles but started slipping in high gear somewhere after 25K.

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My 2000 750SS is still on all of the original brake pads, at 25,000 miles. Clutch is fine too (wet clutch though).

I think I am on the sixth rear tire, and maybe the fourth front.
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