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Hello ladies and gentlemen!

quick question, are these two ECUs interchangeable? and by that I mean, can I upload the tuning from one into the other,

IAW 59M .A2/ HW010/0115_099
12V= 332 01

IAW 59M .A8/ HW010/ 0130-DD27
12v= 050 04

Background on why I am asking this question:

I have a frankenmonster I am putting together, it has a 2003 M620 Engine and the ECU says (m800ducati028) I had someone download a 620 tune without immobilizer to it but the bike wont run. The tuner says it might be the ECU and since I have the other one laying around , I figured I could try that one but I don't want to spend more money if it wont work 0
1 - 2 of 2 Posts