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Ducati tend to use the same maintenance parts on a lot of bikes, not all, but most. availability of parts for something as popular as a 1098 (which is basically the same in a lot of ways to the 848 and 1198) will be plentiful for some time yet.
Having said that, they do discontinue parts like panels as they're supplied pre painted so they reduce that inventory pretty quickly, but mechanical items and crash repair items you will be fine with.

D/P stuff gets deleted very quickly, you're lucky if you can order anything from last years accessory catalogue if it isn't in the new one.... Carbon fibre stuff is no big deal, most of it is made by MS and Ilmberger get theirs from the same place i believe. I buy it from here, www.euronetbike.net it's the cheapest i can find, and Ilmberger is damn good quality stuff, the weave and colour match the factory carbon on my Diavel perfectly

Ducati omaha www.ducatiomaha.com/pages/ducati-oem-parts have a very good online catalogue and you can find all the part numbers and current pricing and availability status on line using their parts fiche, it's very handy.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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