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April Sac Ducati Club Meet

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I figured it's time for a new thread.

All next week is supposed to be nice and sunny, Jon is back and I figured we take that and meet up. Is Wednesday night best for everyone? Maybe we can change up the venue - any suggestions? It's supposed to be high of 78 that day .. we can ride!

Post it!
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Down with that...I vote no Spaghetti Factory. (sorry)
sunshine would be a great change, rain and hail all day today in my area. helped the neighbor kids do an easter egg hunt in the rain
wednesday or thursday night works for me.
Location then? Actually, the Spegetti Factory is pretty good if they put us in the back. Its quiet there, unlike where we used to go, the Hardrock. Everytime I think of that place I want to puke. The old Library sucked. The Italian place up in El Dorado Hills was OK, nothing to scream about though.

How bout some old style drive in type place, is there an A&W mid western or circa 50s-60s joint? You would think with Sacto having a hick town reputation, there would be something. Maybe Rio Linda or North Highlands has a place. lol.

I'm game wherever, except the Hardrock.
There are a few places in old town folsom but they tend to either be a little pricey or not very good (in MY experience, anyway).

There's a new place that just opened up in Folsom called Islands. They actually have pretty decent burgers and other stuff and they have an outdoor patio which would be awesome for our type of gig. Someone else will have to do the leg work and call to see if we can take over the outdoor patio.

Is this the 19th or 26th?
A few of us are doing the track day this Thursday. I am going up Wed night, and getting back Thursday night but am off early on Friday to Sand Mountain.

I would actually say Hooters, (we have had GREAT luck with the food lately) but that place can get pretty loud sometime too. Mostly on the weekends though.
I'm open to pretty much any night. I've been to that Islands in Roseville & it's not that bad. Hopefully, they have heaters on their patios. They're calling for hi-70's during the day but I have a feeling that won't carry over into the evening.
Wednesday would be better for me since I have it off. Otherwise I am coming in from Vallejo and it all depends on traffic and how tired I am. I do like Islands from the LA area but haven't tried these up here. Original Pete's in Elk Grove by the UA generally has good parking during the week and plenty of room. Outside seating is available.
Naaa, too much risk of getting shot in Elk Grove!! He he.
Mike when are you heading up to Willows ?? (i hate you all!) Maybe you can swing by for dinner before heading up. Terry, Vinnie, you guys going the night before too ???

Folsom Island burger sounds good to me. We need to see if they have enough room - the place just opened. I already have too much shit on my plate w/ work .. someone else needs to volunteer and take care of business. If I manage to get up there during lunch break I'll do it.

Someone ??

Also, who didn't sign up for our Reno trackday??? A BIG thank you for the ones that did. Its on a weekend, it's during the best part of the year, it's with the most fun people around - us! What's the deal .. too busy, too much, too soon, too hot, too cold -- what's the problem ??? Help me figure this out please while I have time to do something about it. Thanks!
Come on guys...help me out.
I'm going to try to make the meeting, but I'll need to know where/when pretty soon, and I can't check this board during the day.

Anybody ever thought of:
- Cafe Bernardos on Capitol (outdoor seating for a warm night)
- Zeldas
- Powerhouse Pub
I work in El Dorado Hills and could stop in Folsom at the new Burger place if its not too late before I head up to Willows. Lets make it there at 6:00 pm on Wed.


ps, I am still working on trying to get to the Reno track day.
Reno Track Day

All we are asking is a little help in recruiting riders. Actually a lot of help. I don't know what it is, why is it you go to an organized event and there are a million people there, where chaos rules. We can't get 30 for a real special day. WTF?

If you haven't been to one, try this out. Its the safest most kick back introduction to the track, a perfect training ground for the street. What are you afraid of? I don't care if you ride a pocket bike, get out there! Theres more to it than the track. Its about getting away to a great venue with a bunch of cool people. Its a massive social event. There is no intimidation being on a racetrack, it will be like a Sunday ride with no one around. No cars, deer, gravel, all the other crap you have to put up with.

Anyway, ask yourself and your riding friends. Thank you.
Ye of little faith, the EMA track day at Thunderhill this Thursday had only 15 sign ups 2 weeks before the event. It now has 42 with a max of 45. I bet it will fill up as it gets closer to the event.

I'm on it!!! I am going to work Islands in Folsom for 6 tomorrow night. If it doesn't work out, I'll contact Islands in Roseville for the same thing. Also, I have a big motorcycle safety meeting on the base next Tuesday and I will do some recruiting for the Reno day. Should be able to get a few there.
6?!? Is that all?? Count me in if you haven't already.

Oh, 6:00....I gotcha. :p
Both Islands locations were unaccomodating...They don't take reservations which is no big deal, I'd just get there early and get a spot. But, I spoke to the manager at each location and they were unable to accomodate any type of parking arrangements.
Let's not worry about parking .. we make our own. Let just do this the old fashion way .. we go there, scare everyone with our big lound bikes and take as much room as we want. If we need to get few tables together, oh well, shit happens. After all we are a biker gang, time to start acting like one (no chops tho!) Thanks for looking into it Jon.

Cool .. so 6pm Folsom Islandburger (it's in the same area as REI and BestBuy.) Mike it woud be nice if you can make it, but if you don't feel like adding extra driving time, it's cool.

See you there!
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