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CafeRacer ''Maradona'' #10 by Jtec Moto


"JTEC MOTO is a small boutique garage located in Los Angeles. We specialize in classic custom motorcycles with over 30 years of mechanical experience. It's our mission to breath new life into these age-old machines."

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2001 900SSie
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Looks like a modified 900SS ie

SSS ie side fairings removed so the headlight top cowling whatever you want to call it is stock, so nothing special there.
I can see that the mirror mounts (two holes) are still there, just no mirrors.

Bellypan added - quite like that if you want to go semi naked.
Chopped seat/sub-frame but retaining/extending the trellis frame theme of Ducati.

Custom single seat-looks really uncomfortable. Is it a plank of wood painted black?

No front guard/fender whereas stock has one to protect fork seals and moving fork bits.
The black bit between the tank and frame smacks of 1999/2000 depending on where you live and when it was released.
In Australia 2000 model had them whilst my 2001 does not.

A bit hard to tell, but the wheels look like 3 spoke, which again indicates 1999/2000, whereas the 2001 where I live had 5 spoke and supposedly lighter/better/something.
Who knows or cares!.

Obviously not stock exhaust.

Rear hugger looks cool.
The stock one looks so boring that even on a Playboy model it would still look like a Wellington boot irrespective of how the rest of the package loos
Rear hugger looks like it would stop crap being flung onto the rear shock.

Some pretty red bits.

Frame colour/color "custom" painted.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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