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Anyone in Silicon Valley?

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I go to college down in LA, but am up in Mountain View for the summer doing a tech internship. I brought my 1098 up with me, but don't have anyone to ride with, and don't know any sweet canyons like Angeles Crest or Azusa down in LA. Anyone know of bike nights or cruises in the area...I'd imagine there's plenty in this area?
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Having lived in LA and SF, I like the roads up here better.

Check out a smattering of faves:

* Skyline, in San Mateo county to Santa Clara

* 9 to Monterey

* 1 North from SF

* Marin and Sonoma county in general, Trinity road from Sonoma to Napa

* Silverado trail in Napa and surrounding areas

* Lake Berryessa in Sonoma

* Skaggs - Stewart point

* Bodega to Occidental

* 128 to Mendocino


Also check out http://www.grouprides.net/

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I just did that route early Sunday morning with a friend. I am not an experienced rider, so I was taking it easy on the wet roads. Hopefully...I do not get the bike taken away for not wheeling at every other stoplight.
But I guess I went fast enough b/c I got a wiggle out of my Hyper on a downshift into 2nd, before a turn. Going through the trees on the way up to Skyline makes for a nice ride, indeed.

I work in tech, as well

For a closer ride try 84 out of Woodside to Skyline and Alices Restaurant.
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