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I outlined the issues I'm having getting my Canadian-model '09 Hypermotard imported to the USA in another thread. Grrr... DNA customer care is making this far more difficult than it ought to be.

The avenue I'm currently pursuing to get this done is to go through a registered importer, who will confirm the bike is identical to its USA-sold counterpart. Unfortunately, this will involve a check for all the original EPA-approved exhaust components, and it definitely doesn't have those anymore.

I imagine that there are a few Hyper owners here with a full stock exhaust system sitting in a Termignoni box on a shelf somewhere, collecting dust. Is there any chance I could borrow (or buy) it for the importation process, and return it afterwards? I'm in Santa Cruz, CA but would gladly pay for shipping.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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