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Anyone else had a "bad" Electrex reg/rect?

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After endless hours of chasing a voltage leak while the bike was off, I finally traced it to my "brand new" Electrex voltage regulator. According to Electrex, this was common (seems like a design flaw to me). So, with the help of some forum members (Punch), I wired a relay inline so the ignition activated the circuit to close. All seemed well. Finally took the bike for a rip a couple of days ago, brand new Odyssey PC680 firing it right up, and came back to discover a slightly weaker battery. I tested the voltage with the bike running, revved it to about 3500rpms and the voltage stayed flat. I assume this means it is not receiving a charge and the Electrex unit is faulty beyond what I already knew, even by their own admission. Anyone have any experience to share with these units, good or bad? I am awaiting reply from them on how this is going to be "taken care of". Also, for the record, alternator has been rewired with 10g wire, all other wiring and circuits are checking out fine.

Thanks in advance!
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Andy some of my issues began when I installed an esr 510. Initially I went to 10 gauge wiring, see my post, weak alternator, below yours. I just added an Odyssey 680 last night. When your get your issue clarified, post you results as I am going to be right behind you.

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