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Anybody Ride Last Saturday?

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Well... did ya? I did about 100 miles and it was awesome!
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With two lads playing hockey and one also in AAU baseball my weekends leave me some spare time...for a nap :). I did get out two Fridays ago for a couple hours of mostly hiway miles.

With the crazy weather we're having this winter we could be in for an early start to the riding season. It's made a real mess of our backyard rink.
Yeah, I got out for a few hours, it was heaven, for January! Went over to MotoMarket. Lots of others were out as well. It's not hard to tell which towns have a serious sand/salt budget, there was a lot dust flying around, but well worth the clean up afterwards!
Yeah about 2hrs on the Kaw (too much loose dirt for the Duc) and then I spent the rest of the day cleaning the salt off it. Guy riding with me had his K1200GT windscreen cracked by a rock thrown up by a passing car. I beginning to think it's best to wait until spring...
smegtheprez said:
I beginning to think it's best to wait until spring...
I had to ride today (3/25) about 1 hr to deliver my BMW R65 to the new owner. It was cloudy and 40 deg. Now there is enough room in the garage for the new Ducati!
i got my duc 2 weeks ago and been riding pretty much every other day to and from work (everett to boston).

btw i spotted a yellow 916/996/748 coming onto jamaica plain way. any of you guys.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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