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Have I got a deal for you!

I thought I had the correct DP ECU for my '03 ABS machine (from the Italian reseller with the carbon bodywork). But, although it runs like a scalded-ass ape everywhere else in the rev range, off idle and at low rev's it coughs and sputters. This leads me to believe it is for the later model CAN-BUS ignitions. Are those the ones with the stepper-motor setups?
Anyway, if any of you snow-bound Ducatisti who have a DP ECU for a '02-'03 ABS bike would be willing to send it to Desmo-Porsche to be cloned, I would see to it that you received a cloned copy also.
Bobby would turn it around in a day, and I would foot the bill for a "new" virginized copy of your ECU sent back with your unharmed original, giving you a backup of your precious ECU. Which, in my opinion, is a pretty sound idea even if it's not free. Kind of like your computer hard drive, better to back it up before it fries.

I've just had trouble finding the correct ECU map for this bike and I'm tired of looking.

If anybody is interested in discussing details, post me here or PM me.
I'm pretty sure there are folks who can attest to the capabilities of Desmo-Porsche and their business ethics, I know I can and will.
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