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Anybody go from a 1198 to a m1100s???

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Due to reason beyond my control I may have to leave the Superbike world, I was thinking of getting an 2009 M1100s and was wondering how it compares to fuel economy, cornering capability and just overall ownership? My 1st bike was a 1998 M750, just wondering how drasticly they have changed since then, I remember my 750 had a top speed of 116mph and would get handlebar shakes over almost any bump due to no steering dampner lol
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For me comparing to a sport bike the one thing that bothers me on my 1100 is getting my arrrss off the seat. I like the narrow seat especially on the Ducs and the 1100's are too wide and fat. I'm vertically challenged at 5'6" so getting my leg over is a personally issue I guess :)

I think the Monsters are fun from your driveway to your destination. A liter bike or a sport bike for me is fun when your ripping it but in between can be a pita
I really like the seat change from the sportbike world.
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