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Anybody go from a 1198 to a m1100s???

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Due to reason beyond my control I may have to leave the Superbike world, I was thinking of getting an 2009 M1100s and was wondering how it compares to fuel economy, cornering capability and just overall ownership? My 1st bike was a 1998 M750, just wondering how drasticly they have changed since then, I remember my 750 had a top speed of 116mph and would get handlebar shakes over almost any bump due to no steering dampner lol
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I have an 1100s and the only thing I will say is that I haven't quite gotten used to the riding position and high speed handling and lean angle feel yet. When I added the dp comfort seat it gave me some more leg room because it's taller but that also makes me feel more like I'm on top of the bike. I'm feeling like the seat change may have thrown me off but compared to other bikes I have and have had with clip ons, the m1100s still feels a bit odd.

As for steering dampers, some bikes are more prone to head shakes, I had one on my paul smart and upgraded it to an ohlins unit but haven't felt the need for it at all on the m1100s.

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