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I bought a 2nd 900SS a while back to swap out a bunch of parts from it to my 96 900SS that I've had for a while.

One of those parts is an Ohlins steering damper, with one end mounted to the left fork leg and the other end to the frame. Well, much to my surprise, it appears that to remove the mounting ring from the fork leg, I'm going to have to un-ass the fork leg and drop it all the way down to get that ring off of there. The split the frame mounting ring in half and used 2 clamping bolts, but apparently they couldn't do that on the other end! It just has one split and a pinch bolt type arrangement.

Anyway, anyone figured out a way to get around dropping the fork leg? If so, I'd love to know since I'll be doing it on both bikes. Or maybe when I get it off I'll just sell it out of spite. Don't think I need it anyway.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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