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Hey all,

I've got an opportunity to pick up a used Tuneboy kit with QS, CC and nudge buttons - I was looking at ordering one new. I wondered, if the nudge buttons and QS are in good order, is there any other issue with buying a used kit? I presume all the latest flashes are available on it still, and that I can just download these if they don't come with it? Has the USB interface changed over the years at all?

If the kit had been used on a previous bike, will the unlock code be fused to that bike? Would I need to purchase a whole new code from Tuneboy or can the code be reused?...

If anyone has any insight I'd love to hear it before I waste my money!


The unlock code is fused to the bike its on. Cant un-install and re-install on another bike.
You will need to contact tuneboy about getting a completly new code.
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