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Any New 1198SP Leftovers Out There?

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Does anyone know of any leftover 1198SP's sitting on dealership floors?
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The add says 15.5k asking price and the bike has 6500 miles on it. That price is 3 to 4K less than I've seen elsewhere but the mileage is more than twice as much as typical for a used year-old SP. Keep in mind the first full service is due at 7500, and that will be $1500 or more.
7500 mile service isn't $1,500, that's the 15,000 miles service. And it is considered a "minor" service (just valves), while the 15,000 mile interval is for belts.

Still, you are looking around $800 for that 7,500 mile service. But at $15,500, I have have to jump on a plane and fly to SoCal!
You may have a different experience with your local dealers, but I've been through two valve check and adjust procedures on a previous Duc and neither cost less than 1200, with the second (15K) service costing $1800 (and that was with an S4RS Testastretta Monster, which takes fewer labor hours than an 1198).

Anytime the desmo valves need adjusting it's a major service, nothing 'minor' about it. For the 1198 series superbikes (not the Diavel and not the MS), the major service interval is 7500 miles.
Must be your local dealers then. And I have a 1098S, which has the same service interval. The local dealers refer to the 7500 mile as "minor" (no belts) and 15000 miles as major (belts). A local race shop quoted me $1,200 for all the 15000 mile services, plus a fork service (seals, oil, etc.), plus K&N and coolant flush. They have a Duc mechanic on staff.

So yeah, sounds like you are getting the royal treatment down there...
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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