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I'm currently putting two Desmoquattro motors back together, one an '02 ST4S, another an '05 S4R. Both had a spacer type ring that fit over the shift drum, only about 1/16" wide and 3/32" thick with an ID of 1-3/4" or so.
Odd thing about this part is that it doesn't show up in either of the two bike's shop manuals, or either of the part fiches.
Now I'm in the spot of not remembering where in the hell this thing goes, and I can't really figure out what it does.

Any insight out there? I've already got one set of cases sealed up without this ring, I'll re-split them if necessary, but I'd like to get the scoop on these damn rings before putting the other motor back together.

Thanks in advance for any wisdom,

Show Some Pics Next Time.

If these are the 2-rubber seals place on side then insert shaft when fully through place the other one in back of the shaft,make sure its in there fully before placing nut,oh by the way put some grease on the groove of shaft,mine came dry:mad: ,,,,,,,,,,,,I'm thinking this is what you mean cause it's not in the manual.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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