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Another Roto Duc Ride

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Same as before, no twisties with pleasant music in the background, just a ride I had to do going to my sister's house to set up her husband's computer. Friggin task took 5 hours, not including travel.[one hour each way].

Anyway, this is just a ride from Fremont, California, back to my home in San Francisco. It's on the freeways, across the San Francisco Bay Bridge, etc. See satellite view below for route. Note: Fremont is a flat, boring, hick town, about 200k population, I think. Sorry if you are from Fremont. If you are, take the pain [and move].

Nothing remarkable, even though I went back the longer way home, which was a bit more scenic, if there is such a thing on the freeways. But it has the Duc sound we all love to hear. So, you can go on a ride by looking at this video, when the weather precludes your riding the real thing.

Also, you can use this as a training film. How to ride defensively, speed double the speed limits, split lanes, bully your way around cars, etc.:p

The video is 20 minutes. As usual, two sizes of files for you.

Members with smaller members, download the smaller file. Larger membered members download the larger file.:D Tip: the smaller file is not that good at all, same as what hens would say.

As some of you know, this is video from my helmet cam. I transferred the tape to a DVD recorder and from there to the PC with a DVD to WMV format converter software. The file from the DVD conversion was 683MB for a 58 minute video. So compressing from 683MB to 20MB explains the degradation of the video.

Oh, sound does not degrade with compression, at least not much, so the audio is fine. Crank it up with full bass and put your feet on the sub woofer. The vibration will feel as though you are on the bike :cool:



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Great ride vid Roto.
Roto you got the touch. ROFLMAO
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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